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 Webinar Instructions
 Register for a Webinar
 1)  Click on the red webinar schedule link above and select a time listed to Register for that specific Webinar.
 2)  Complete the registration form.
 3)  You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration for the Webinar, along with your webinar ID.
 Join a Webinar
 1)  At least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled webinar, open the Webinar confirmation e-mail.
 2)  Click the Join Webinar link provided in the confirmation e-mail.
 3)  If prompted, click Yes, Grant or Trust to accept the download. If you are unable to access the webinar site, consult with your departmental Information Technology Office.
 4)  Enter the Webinar password.
 For questions, please call:
  NBS at (800)274-0503 OR CFP at (808)596-7006 (Oahu employees) or (877)550-5552 (neighbor islands)